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Parents Under Pressure

Parents under pressure

The Parenting Index has identified the single biggest pain point for parents today: pressure. We’ve unpacked the internal and external pressures parents face today into five topic areas.  

"A zillion comments from random strangers is EXACTLY what I needed"
The Village always has an opinion

It takes a village to raise a child – or so the saying goes. But these days, the ‘voice of the village’ makes a lot of confusing noise. The sheer volume of unsolicited advice alone can make parents feel overwhelmed and ultimately unsure about the right choices to make.

"A night out? Yes, I’m free on Saturday – in about 6 months’ time…"
Loneliness in a hyperconnected world

New parents, especially moms, often feel alone in the first few months after welcoming their baby into the world. It’s easy to see new parents’ updates on social media and believe their life is as perfect as it is presented online. But the truth is that newsfeeds can be a smokescreen, masking deep feelings of isolation. 

"Hmmm... think the mom-shamers must've forgotten about me today..."
The role of shaming on social media 

Today, parents often feel unable to ask a simple question – or even post a light-hearted update – onto a forum, or onto social media, without then feeling judged in some way. Social media shows the “good” but not always the “real”, and the rise of parent-shaming can lead to feelings of scrutiny, judgement and insecurity among new parents. 

"...Exactly how many superpowers am I supposed to have?"
The guilt new parents face from self-criticism

Raising a baby doesn’t come with a handbook and young parents often feel like they’re missing those elusive ‘expert parenting skills’ they’ve observed in others. Especially in cultures where the woman is almost entirely responsible for raising the child, new moms can grapple with a lot of guilt. Whether about not being the ‘perfect’ mother, no longer breastfeeding or not being the partner that they think they should be.

"I thought these apps could translate every language?!"
Unexpected challenges

Becoming a parent can be one of the greatest joys in the world. But it also includes surprises, and not always easy ones. New parents often envision an ideal scenario before their baby arrives, only to find themselves overwhelmed and underprepared for what’s actually in store – which includes many unexpected challenges.

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