The Parenting Index 2021

The Parenting Index is a unique new tool measuring the “ease of parenting” around the world today. It acts as a benchmark to track positive change over time.


The Parenting Index identifies eight universal factors that have the biggest impact on the ease of parenting today.

From navigating societal and financial pressures to juggling home and work life, parents’ experiences are influenced by a multitude of things, often outside their own control. 

The Parenting Index has uncovered a set of universal factors that impact parenting no matter where parents live in the world.  

Parents under pressure

The Parenting Index has identified the single biggest pain point for parents today: pressure. Some of this pressure is internal; parents hold themselves to high standards, and often report feeling unprepared for the realities of becoming a parent, resulting in a need to make more compromises than expected. But external pressures which parents have little control over are far stronger and can have a huge negative impact.

To find out more about The Parenting Index and explore the findings in detail, download the full report below.